We’re introducing developers to state-of-the-art, secure digital products. We’ve covered everything, from core banking to KYC & KYB to verification, embedded finance, and more. Partner with us to enhance operational boost efficiency and enter new markets. With complete customisation options, utilise our APIs to seamlessly integrate top-tier financial software into existing platforms, delivering an exceptional experience to clients.


The KYC (Know Your Customer) API is designed to streamline identity verification processes. It allows businesses to securely collect and check identity information, reducing fraud and compliance risks. With our API, companies can efficiently comply with regulatory requirements while providing a seamless user experience. Our module integrates with various identity verification providers, allowing for a comprehensive and customisable solution. Start verifying clients’ identities with ease using our FinHub’s KYC API.


FinHub’s KYB (Know Your Business) API is a robust solution for verifying the identity and details of businesses. It allows companies to accurately confirm the authenticity of business information, minimising fraud and compliance risks. Our module can be deployed with various verification providers, ensuring a comprehensive and personalised process. With our KYB API, companies can ensure that their partners are who they say they are while also complying with regulatory standards.

Pep & Sanctions

PEP & Sanctions API is a powerful tool for mitigating financial risk by identifying politically exposed persons (PEPs) and individuals or entities subject to sanctions. This solution integrates with different PEP and sanctions lists. With FinHub’s API, businesses can rapidly and accurately screen individuals and companies for potential financial risk. Improve compliance and reduce the potential of financial fraud with our module.

Merchant API

The Merchant API is a flexible solution for accepting and processing client payments. It integrates with leading payment gateways, allowing companies to quickly and securely process digital payments. With our module, businesses can provide a smooth checkout experience for their clients while improving their payment operations. Whether companies need to process one-time or recurring payments, our Merchant API provides the functionality they need to succeed.


Our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) API is crucial for detecting and mitigating financial crime. It integrates with many sources of information, providing a complete and up-to-date solution for AML compliance. Our solution allows businesses to efficiently screen transactions for potential money laundering without compromising their ongoing daily operations.


The Card Management System (CMS) API is a powerful solution for managing debit, credit, and prepaid cards. It integrates with leading card issuers, allowing companies to manage card portfolios easily, set up recurring payments, and monitor card usage. With our product, businesses can provide clients with a seamless card management experience. Whether a company needs to issue new cards, cancel existing cards, or monitor card usage, our Card Management System API can be of assistance.

FIAT Exchanges

FinHub’s Exchange API is a convenient instrument for exchanging various fiat currencies. It works with leading exchange rate providers, ensuring up-to-date and fair currency exchange rates. With our API, users can easily exchange different fiat currencies, benefiting from an impeccable experience. Our solutions can exchange USD, EUR, GBP, or other worldwide currencies.

E-mail Services

The Email Services API is a flexible solution for sending and receiving emails. It can be deployed with various email providers, allowing companies to send and receive emails from their employees, partners, clients, etc. Our API is developed to help businesses send newsletters, notifications, and marketing messages easily. It can be used to ameliorate customer engagement and communication. Sending bulk or individualised emails is easy with our product.

SMS Services

SMS API is a dependable tool for sending and receiving text messages that can be integrated with various SMS gateways. Our solution enables companies to send notifications, reminders, and marketing messages, improving customer engagement and communication. Whether a business is looking for bulk or two-way SMS communication, our SMS API is the way to go.

Virtual Scoring and Rating System

FinHub’s Virtual Scoring and Rating System API allows developers to integrate a scoring and rating system into their applications. It’s a convenient and secure way to gather, manage, and display user scores and ratings. The API supports several rating scales and allows customisations such as setting maximum and minimum values, allowing users to leave comments, and displaying average ratings.

Fraud Screening

The Fraud Screening API is designed to help detect and prevent fraudulent activities in real time. It’s a great solution to screen transactions and identify potential fraud cases. Our module uses advanced fraud detection algorithms that analyse different parameters, such as transaction amount, location, device type, IP address, etc., to determine the risk of fraud accurately. Our flexible and customisable API enables developers to set custom rules and thresholds for fraud detection.

SEPA Connect

Our SEPA Connect API is a quality solution for making and receiving payments within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). It offers an efficient and secure way to integrate SEPA payment functionality into financial applications, enabling real-time funds transfer between SEPA-participating countries. The module supports a wide range of SEPA payment types, including credit transfers and direct debits, and fully complies with SEPA regulations. Financial institutions can simplify cross-border payments, reduce operational costs, and expand their business capabilities with our product. We have designed our SEPA Connect API to meet the financial industry’s high security and reliability standards to protect sensitive financial information.

(ISO20022) if it is needed to be merged with SEPA Connect

ISO 20022 API is a standardised financial messaging protocol for a secure and reliable exchange of transactions between financial institutions. We enable developers to easily integrate financial messaging into their systems, ensuring compliance with ISO 20022 standards. The API supports a broad range of financial operations, such as payments, securities transactions, and trading. Additionally, it’s flexible and scalable, allowing it to accommodate the changing needs of financial institutions as they grow.

SWIFT Connect

The SWIFT Connect API is a secure and reliable messaging tool that enables financial institutions to exchange financial transactions and information using the SWIFT network. It’s a simple yet effective way to integrate SWIFT messaging into existing applications. The API supports various financial transactions, including cross-border payments, trading, and securities transactions. Financial institutions can reduce operational costs, improve straight-through processing, and enhance the overall customer experience with our solution. SWIFT Connect API meets the financial industry’s stringent security and reliability requirements, protecting sensitive financial information.

ACH Connect

ACH Connect API is a top-notch solution for Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions in the United States. It provides easy integration into existing financial applications, allowing real-time financial operations between bank accounts. It supports a wide range of ACH payment types, including direct deposit, direct payment, and bill payment, and is fully compliant with NACHA regulations. Our product meets the industry’s elevated security standards.

Faster Payments Connect

FinHub’s Faster Payments Connect API is a real-time payment solution for the United Kingdom. It’s a secure and efficient way to deploy Faster Payments functionality into applications and operational systems. Our module is developed to enable fast and reliable transfer of funds between account holders. The API supports different payment types, including person-to-person transfers and bill payments, and fully complies with Faster Payments regulations and security standards.

EFT Connect API

The EFT Connect API is a trustworthy tool for automating Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) transactions. It offers a convenient solution to integrate EFT capabilities into financial applications. The API supports many EFT payment types, including direct deposit and bill payment. It’s fully compliant with relevant security regulations.

Crypto Exchange

Our Crypto Exchange API is a solution for accessing real-time market data and executing trades on cryptocurrency exchanges. It offers comprehensive endpoints for accessing crucial information, including real-time prices, trade history, and order book data. It also provides a secure way to execute trades, allowing users to place and manage orders, retrieve trade history, and manage their crypto assets. The module supports multiple exchanges and cryptocurrencies, allowing users to operate on various trading pairs.

Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange API is a module for entering stock markets and executing trades. It provides a set of endpoints for accessing market data, including real-time prices, trade history, and order book data. It helps traders by offering a secure way to execute operations, place and manage orders, retrieve trade history, and manage their portfolios. The API is compatible with multiple exchanges and stocks, allowing users to benefit from a range of trading opportunities.

Reporting and Reconciliation

Our Reporting and Reconciliation API provides a secure way for users to retrieve financial transaction information and reconcile their accounts. It provides endpoints for retrieving transaction data and reporting any discrepancies. The API works with token-based authentication and returns information in a standard format for quick and straightforward integration. It’s designed to handle large amounts of data and be highly scalable to meet client’s needs with large transaction volumes.

Core Acquiring CRM

Core Acquiring CRM API is a RESTful API allowing developers to manage customer data, automate processes, and streamline Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tasks. With this module, businesses can easily:

  • Create and manage customer profiles;
  • Retrieve customer information and data;
  • Update customer information and data;
  • Automate customer follow-up and outreach processes;
  • Streamline customer data management;

This API uses standard HTTP methods and is integratable with various applications. With detailed documentation and support, developers can quickly get started with our Core Acquiring CRM solution to benefit from its robust and scalable CRM capabilities.


SWITCH API provides a reliable solution for developers to integrate their systems with various payment networks. Our module offers seamless switching between different payment channels, allowing users to select their preferred payment method. It uses modern security protocols to ensure secure transactions and protect sensitive information. The API returns data in a standardised format, making it easy to deploy with existing systems. With its scalable architecture, our SWITCH API is developed to handle a high volume of financial operations.


The ETMS/ATM/POS/mPOS/SOFTPOS API is a top-tier solution for financial institutions to integrate their payment systems with various Electronic Teller Machines (ETMs), Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), Point of Sale (POS) terminals, mobile POS (mPOS) terminals, and software-based POS (SOFTPOS) systems. It enables secure and efficient transactions using modern security protocols and standard data formats. It supports various financial operations, such as deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiries, and bill payments.

IPG for PSPs and Banks

The Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) API is a solution for Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and banks to securely process online transactions. It offers a seamless and secure connection between businesses and financial institutions, allowing merchants to accept payments and banks to authorise and settle transactions. It’s compatible with many payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets. It uses modern security protocols to protect sensitive information and ensure secure transactions. FinHub’s well-documented API enables developers to quickly and easily integrate their systems with payment networks.

IPG for Merchants/SOFTPOS

This Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) API is a module for merchants and software-based point-of-sale (SOFTPOS) systems to process online transactions securely. It provides a dependable connection between financial institutions and merchants, allowing the latter to accept payments and financial institutions to validate and settle transactions. The API supports payment methods like credit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets. It uses the latest security protocols to safeguard sensitive data and ensure secure financial operations. It is highly scalable and can handle high volumes of transactions, making it suitable for merchants and SOFTPOS systems of all sizes.

Core Issuing CMS

Core Issuing CMS API is an instrument for financial institutions to manage their card-issuing processes. It delivers a centralised platform to monitor card production, personalisation, activation, and life-cycle management. Designed to support multiple card types, such as debit, credit, and prepaid cards. Our highly secure solution uses modern security protocols to protect sensitive information and ensure safe transactions.

Core Issuing Merchant Service

Finhub’s Core Issuing Merchant Services API is a solution for merchants to access and manage card payment services provided by financial institutions. It offers a secure and efficient platform for merchants to accept card payments, manage transactions, and access reporting and reconciliation tools. Our secure module is developed with modern security protocols to shield sensitive data and ensures secure transactions by supporting multiple card types, like debit, credit, and prepaid cards.

Digital Wallet Account Management

The Digital Wallet Account Management API is a tool for managing digital wallet accounts. It offers a secure and efficient platform for monitoring and managing user accounts, transactions, and funding sources. Our module supports multiple funding sources, including bank transfers, credit cards, and digital currencies. Designed to handle high volumes of transactions, it’s suitable for digital wallet providers of all sizes.

Wallet Merchant Service

Wallet Merchant Services API is a solution for merchants to accept payments from digital wallets. It delivers a secure platform for companies to process payments, monitor transactions, and access reporting and reconciliation tools. It’s compatible with different digital wallet providers and funding sources. Its scalable design enables it to handle high volumes of transactions, making it suitable for merchants of all sizes.

Loyalty and eVouchering

This API is a solution for managing loyalty and voucher programs. It offers a centralised platform to drive customer loyalty programs, reward points, electronic vouchers, etc. It supports different reward types, including points, discounts, and cashback. Our Loyalty and eVouchering API is highly secure via modern security protocols and protects sensitive client information. Our scalable solution is suitable for companies of all sizes.


FinHub’s Viber API is a solution for integrating Viber messaging functionality into applications. It helps developers to send and receive messages, as well as manage user accounts and user-generated content. It supports multiple programming languages and platforms, allowing for various integration options.


Our WhatsApp API is a module for deploying WhatsApp messaging into systems. It allows developers to send and receive messages, monitor user accounts, and manage user-generated content. It’s a highly secure solution using modern security protocols to protect sensitive information and ensure safe communication. Suitable for companies of all sizes, our product is scalable and can handle high messaging volumes.


The Telegram API is a solution for integrating Telegram messaging functionality into applications. It allows developers to send and receive messages, manage user accounts, and more. Our well-documented module can help developers quickly and easily integrate their system with the Telegram messaging platform. We offer a secure, scalable product capable of handling high volumes of messaging.